Mudfest on the Peninsula

Following a very successful day trip to Mendocino in November of last year I promised my friends we’d do another one and last Thursday we did…. well a couple of us did anyway – calendars are useful ūüėČ

Since we didn’t have a full day we chose a slightly closer trip as my friends, fairly new to the bay area, hadn’t experienced the incredible trails in the open spaces of the Midpeninsula¬†. ¬†Specifically, El Corte de Madera Creek, aka “Skeggs” and Purisima Creek Redwoods.¬† Continue reading Mudfest on the Peninsula

Mendocino: A Hidden Gem

My wife and I spent the weekend in Mendocino a couple years ago and while waiting for a table at a restaurant we were perusing the mini-book store that was in the lobby and I stumbled across this mountain biking trail guidebook.  Of course I was intrigued and purchased the book.

Fast forward a year or so to last fall and I finally found some brave souls to go on this adventure with me and we had a hell of a day trip from Marin: met up before 5am, on the trails just past 9am after stopping for breakfast in Willits, rode until about 4pm, stuffing faces with pizza in Fort Bragg by sunset, home by 9:30pm.

There’s a lot more that could be written about that trip but all you really need to know beyond that succinct paragraph is that the riding was phoenomenal and we barely scratched the surface of Jackson Demo forest and that’s only one area in Mendocino!

Anyway, bike mag just put up a nice article about the area so maybe it won’t be hidden for long. Even still, there is so much there it will be a long, long time before it “feels” crowded, relative to Marin and other popular Bay Area locations anyway.