This site is dedicated to the experience of mountain biking.  In general the focus will be around cross country (XC) riding and what has more recently been referred to as “All mountain“.  By the way, the definition ascribed to here for “All Mountain” is riding that greatly favors utilizing all CTD suspension settings.

Here you will find information about rides and trails in Marin County, California as well as other locations as they are experienced.

I’ve been mountain biking since 1988. In 2004 I moved to Marin County in California, one of the disputed birthplaces of the sport.

“mtbclimber” was my original yahoo instant messenger handle as it represents my attitude about mountain biking. Generally I believe downhill riding is more appreciated and therefore more enjoyed by earning it.  I don’t take shuttles or chairlifts unless I’ve already done the climb at least once.

There is a little more background in my first post if you would like to keep reading.