History of IMBA’s Stance on Wilderness Access from a Founder

IMBA Founder’s Letter to the current board of IMBA regarding their stance on bike access in Wilderness

For the unaware mountain biking has been 100% banned from all Wilderness designated public land in the US since 1984.

Recently an organization known as the Sustainable Trails Coalition initiated a campaign to remove the blanket ban, allowing the local managers of the given Wilderness to make the access decisions on a case by case basis. This effort resulted in a bill, H.R. 1349 which was heard and amended in the house committee of Natural Resources last December.

Shockingly IMBA, an advocacy organization for mountain bikers whose tag line is “Serving riders and the mountain biking community”, offered testimony to the subcommittee officially declaring they are “not supportive” of the bill.

This provoked IMBA founder, former president and life long advocate, Jim Hasenauer to pen a letter to the current board of IMBA. He shared that letter with the world on Monday.

If you are reading this, it’s well worth your time to read the letter, form your opinion on the matter and take action.