Garmin Edge 520 v 510

Having had so many issues with my Edge 510 (and all the warranty replacements) the second I heard about the Garmin Edge 520 I placed my pre-order hoping to have better luck with a newer unit.  Thanks to some shipping snafus it did arrive the day before my Leadville 100 MTB race but I didn’t know it until after the race was over.  May have been a good thing as one could never know how any new gear would perform without a proper test and as it turned out while the 510 did fail me in one regard, I suspect the 520 would have suffered at least the same failure.  More on that a little later.

In this review I will contrast where the 510 is better, where the 520 better and where it makes no difference, i.e. they both need improvement. Continue reading Garmin Edge 520 v 510