Long live long rides!

Further clarification and some Leadville training guidance that I think makes a lot of sense in this article posted recently on the Leadville Race Series website by Dave Wiens but there’s no better way to put it than that, thank you IMBA!

Personally, I had set in my mind back in January that in addition to a 30+ mile ride per week I’d do one long training ride per month to test my endurance, get familiar riding on my mountain bike for 8+ hours and most important for me being new to this is dialing in the nutrition for such an effort. Let’s be honest here, this is also because I simply love to ride my bike!  I couldn’t agree more with what Dave wrote in that piece:

There’s nothing like the experience of laying down a long, epic training ride – planning it, doing it and basking in the glow afterwards

In fact this is the spirit of the “Day Trippin” tag I use on this site! Since all things are relative, here’s a quick summary of my long training rides each month:

January 30th: 73.4miles | 13.6k ft | 9:22

February: Sick

March 20th: 72.2miles | 12.8k ft | 9:00

April 10th:  73.6miles | 12.3k ft | 8:43

May 28th*: 52.9miles | 11.2k ft | 7:01

*The May ride was cut short from a late start and time constraint.

The next in this series is scheduled for either June 25th or 26th and I had been targeting a full 104 miles to get a sense for the additional 30 miles over what has been my longest ride to date.  I’ll probably still shoot for that given these are monthly rides and Dave’s advice is focused on weekly rides.

Speaking of weekly rides, reviewing my activities on Strava I see I’m 15 for 22 against my goal and given I’m working with a trainer that has me doing at least one 4-5 hour ride per week with more flat terrain I will likely not miss another week before the big day in August! That said based on Dave’s math for a 9hr target, weekly rides in July would be 7 hours, 75-80 miles and while he doesn’t talk about climbing extrapolating that would mean roughly 8.5k ft. Those will be some solid weekly rides to be sure.

The countdown is on: 10 weeks and 2 days to go!