Leadville Plan of Attack

More wisdom from Mr. Wiens in a post preceding the 2012 Leadville 100 MTB race that is still very relevant.  Just happened to stumble across that post as I was on the ergon-bike.com website researching some new grips.

At T-9 weeks and 5 days I’m starting to think through some of these planning details, especially some of the gear I’ll want since I’m going to the Camp of Champions in July and will want to have the right gear on hand for that.  And the family, aka my crew, has started asking where they should setup (Twin Lakes or Pipeline basically), what they’ll need, etc. Twin lakes seems like the obvious choice by the way as on all longer my prep rides this year I’ve ended up stopping to refill/refuel/eat etc at 40 miles.

Here’s an interesting planning tidbit from Dave:

Race morning — Two-and-a-half to three hours before the start I have coffee, orange juice, a bagel, pancakes, a banana, and maybe some leftover pasta from the night before.

Keep in mind the race start time is 6:30am MST so imagine yourself getting up at 3am to eat breakfast the day you will sit in a bike saddle for about 10 hours! I noticed he didn’t include his race-eve bed time. I’ll wager it’s before 8pm – as of right now that’s my plan, though admittedly I have a lot of details to work out.

By the way, for anyone wanting a guaranteed spot in the 2015 race they are offered to camp participants and looking at the website it doesn’t appear that is yet full. If you want in and are free for a few days at the beginning of July this could be your ticket and maybe I’ll see you there 🙂