Mudfest on the Peninsula

Following a very successful day trip to Mendocino in November of last year I promised my friends we’d do another one and last Thursday we did…. well a couple of us did anyway – calendars are useful ūüėČ

Since we didn’t have a full day we chose a slightly closer trip as my friends, fairly new to the bay area, hadn’t experienced the incredible trails in the open spaces of the Midpeninsula¬†. ¬†Specifically, El Corte de Madera Creek, aka “Skeggs” and Purisima Creek Redwoods.¬† Continue reading Mudfest on the Peninsula

Bike fit

Last Monday (5/18) I had my first session for a bike fit service, another recommendation from Dave Wiens. This article includes his commentary about bike fit as well as bike choice.¬†If you are at the point of purchasing a bike or just considering whether your current bike is up to the task it’s a good read.

Following the initial saddle change the goal of this session was two fold: get the saddle positioned correctly and measure my feet for new shoes. Continue reading Bike fit

“Dig deep” and “The Cowboy Way”

Words from the man behind Leadville, Ken Chlouber the self-described “pretty damn good miner and a fair cowboy” with a simple idea to save his town which has since turned into much more than that.

This video is from last year before the 20th running of the Leadville 100 MTB race in 2014 and carries both part of the story and some inspiration.

I’m hoping to meet Ken at either camp this summer or the race.  If I do I’ll share that experience here.

Breathe deep and dig deep.

Addressing Contact Points: New Seat

I can’t remember where but Dave Wiens, the most prolific Leadville 100 MTB winner of all time, emphasized that when you ride an endurance mountain biking event like this you need to make sure your 5 contact points with the bike are going to make for as comfortable and efficient experience as possible.

Today I went by the bike shop to hopefully improve the contact point with the most surface area: the seat.   Continue reading Addressing Contact Points: New Seat

Why Leadville?

Before I get into the why, for those who don’t know, I’ll briefly describe Leadville. Leadville, Colorado is the highest incorporated city in the United States. The primary industry was mining until the early 1980’s when the last operating mine was shut down. Sometime after that a former miner, named Ken Chlouber, decided to establish the Leadville 100 Trail Run¬†ultra marathon race to attract people to the area to spur the local economy.

Following that success a mountain biking race was added in 1994. Since that time this race has come represent the ultimate endurance mountain biking event. Some of cycling’s greatest (or most infamous) champions have participated including Lance Armstrong, Levi Leipheimer, and Floyd Landis. Two of them beaten by then-perennial winner Dave Wiens. Each year they, along with about 1,500 other riders, take to the 10,200 feet of elevation in Colorado to ride over 100 miles (mostly) on dirt. Continue reading Why Leadville?

1×11 Drivetrain Competition

Let me just start off by saying I completely love my 1×11 drivetrain. It feels bizarre to get on a bike with a front d√©railleur at this point. Sure I miss the outer edges of the gear range from time to time but the simplicity and resulting focus I get more than compensates.

That said it’s clear more competition would be welcome in this space because these are some of the most expensive drivetrains around and when you consider the rate I’ve worn through them it’s insane.¬†Seriously. Let’s put it this way, I purchased my 2014 Santa Cruz 5010 in December of 2013 and after 18 months I’m now on at least my 5th cassette. Continue reading 1×11 Drivetrain Competition